How to Write a Book and Get Paid (how much you really make❓)

March 23, 2018

If you have a book idea, how do you take that from idea to getting that book out there?

How do you get published?

💰 How do you get paid? 💰

I want to share my journey of becoming a published author with you today.

My 1st book, Soldier of Finance, released in 2013. You can check it out here:

Be sure to stick with me to the end to find out how much I got paid.

💡 So first my idea - it actually came from a moment of disappointment.

I was contacted by CNBC who wanted to interview me as an Independent Certified Financial Advisor for a show they were doing. 😃

The flew me out, did the interview, and then the show was cancelled. 😞

But the producer said to me, "You know you should write a book that talks about the soldier's discipline to investing.

🎆🎆 Boom! This really resonated with me and I knew I had to write this book.

So I have the idea, now how to get published?

I know I had the option to get published on Amazon, but I wanted to use a traditional publisher. I wanted to be able to go into the book store and see my book on the shelf. 📚

I contacted multiple agents -- with zero success. All the big publishers said No!

While they liked the idea, I was a new author and they wanted to focus their time and resources on promoting their top authors.

But I kept trying and I finally found a Publisher that said Yes! The publisher was Amacom.

Now that I have the book and the publisher, how do I get paid?

For me, as a new author, I received a [have to watch the video to find out 😆] advance for projected sales, up front. I also receive residual checks twice a year based on actual sales.

So that is the basic run down on how to write a book and get paid. If you are interested in purchasing my book, you can find the link below. 👇

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Pricing Strategies: How to Get Paid 200% More For Your Service (the WYW Formula™)

March 15, 2018

If you are a service provider, freelancer, or creator of any kind, then this video is for YOU!

I've been there too - Pricing your goods or services for sale is tricky! Am I not getting paid enough? Should I be asking for double that?

Are you really worth THAT much money? The answer is YES. 💰💰 Take it from me, you totally are worth more than what you've been getting paid before.

To help you out with your next pricing dilemma, I've created the "WYW Formula" - check it out! It is time you take back the power and kick butt!

Here's what you'll learn in this new video:

▶︎ How can you get paid 300% more by using the WYW Formula. #ChaChing

▶︎ Is this magic? ✨✨ The WYW Formula? ✨✨ No magic here... just my years of experience comin' at you in full force saying ASK FOR MORE YO!

▶︎ What project I turned down $12k for because it didn't meet the WYW Formula. And what I actually got paid for that project in the end.

▶︎ Scared to ask for what you really want to get paid? I've got two tips! that will help push you to the next level. 👊👊


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Why This 4️⃣ Letter Word Is the Most Important Trait You Need to Succeed [GRIT]

March 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered what catapults regular people to the highest levels of success?

❓ Is it genius, or a stroke of luck? ❓

And, what about the world's smartest people?

Why are some of the world's brightest scientists and mathematical geniuses flat broke and not living up to their financial potential? 🤔

💡 The answer: Grit. 💡

In my experience as a financial advisor and business owner, some people have it and others just don't.

📖 If you look up the word "grit" up in the dictionary, you'll find words like courage, resolve, strength, and character. But, in the real world, having grit means having the ability to overcome hardship.

Here are four ways to get some grit into your life -- and your business plans:

1. Learn to look on the bright side. If your goal is learning to
overcome adversity through sheer grit, learning to focus on the positive can help.

2. Focus on who you want to be -- not who you once were.
(It's easy to focus on your past mistakes and let them get you down. To learn grit, and to use it to become successful, you have to focus on who you want to become instead.)

3. Practice getting up when you fall. (Hatch a plan to reach a more successful outcome next time.)

4. Develop a solid support system. (Making sure you're accountable to someone can absolutely help you learn grit and apply it in your life.)

ℹ️ Grit is the reason some people are successful even though they aren't any smarter or better than the rest of us.

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Do I Have A $1 Million Idea? (shhh…It’s a secret 🙊)

March 14, 2018

Today I am meeting with Andy Traub because I have an outstanding idea for a course.

I have been bouncing this idea around in my head for over a year now and I think it is time to put it out there.

The problem I am having is that there are so many different directions I could go with this and I am having a hard time picking one direction. 😕😕

This is where Andy comes in! Andy is able to listen objectively to my idea, and all the various choices, and then pinpoint what I need to focus on to get out of analysis paralysis and get this out there.

📽️ The best take away from this video - you don't have to have everything perfect to get started.

🏃You just have to get started! 🏃

Start with version 1.0!
Put that out there, then let it grow and evolve into version 10.0.

💻 You can find Andy Traub at

📌Are you interested in learning more about my wealth building course?

✅ I’m accepting applications here:

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March 1, 2018

If you’re tired of making stupid financial mistakes, then this video is for YOU!

In the present day, I'm a successful financial advisor and entrepreneur.

Based on some of the boneheaded money decisions I made in my 20's it is a miracle I can even say that.

I've definitely learned from many of those mistakes, but if I had the chance to hop in a DeLorean and go back in time, here are 7 money lessons I would love to give to my 20 year-old self


Here's what you'll learn in this new video:

▶︎ Why what I‘ve bought and worn were some of my best fashion choices but financially? They were the worst choices possible.

▶︎ Did I go to NYC in college? What about Europe? Hear and find out what my travels looked like in college and what I would do differently if I could.

▶︎ If you’ve been around here for any period of time you know I love investing. WHATEVER YOU DO, INVEST!!!! 💰💰

If you missed one of my latest videos showing how I helped a 16-year-old learn to invest in a big way, then check it out here:

▶︎ Why am I suggesting you spend more time reading books? Because readers are LEADERS.

📚 Some of my favorite books include:

The Automatic Millionaire, David Bach
Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
Total Money Makeover, Dave Ramsey
The 4-Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss

▶︎ Can you really get rich off MLM? Don’t waste your time with multilevel marketing, PLEASE! 🙏

▶︎ Here’s how I ditched the MLM and started my blog, and it really hasn’t been a disappointment.

▶︎ Are you as smart as you think you are? Here’s how surrounding myself by mentors radically changed my future.

▶︎ What does a good mentor that you should seek advice from look like? Professionally? Personally? Plus my best tip on HOW you should ask to get advice from a mentor you admire.

▶︎ Feeling like your dreams are too far off? Here’s how I know you CAN achieve them.

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5 Money Saving Hacks Will Make Me $4.1 Million Dollars

February 23, 2018

Money savings hacks for the win!! 🙌🏼

When it comes to getting ahead financially, finding a way to boost your income can be especially powerful.

With more cash at your disposal, you can save more, invest more, and grow wealth on a grander scale. Sounds awesome, right?

But, what about saving money? For many people, the thought of saving money makes them want to cry. 😭

You see, saving money can sometimes mean cutting back. Occasionally, it can mean going without the things you want, too.

In the worst cases, saving money can be an absolute drain on your life force. Spend a morning cutting coupons and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Personally, I'd rather beat myself with a stainless steel spatula than cut coupons for 5 minutes.

Here's the thing, though: Believe it or not, I absolutely love saving money.

Just not in a “let's spend all weekend cutting coupons kinda way”.

Let me explain…

While saving money isn’t quite as sexy as earning more, it can be just as powerful – especially if you do it right.

I’m not talking about cutting coupons here, nor am I talking about shopping second-hand, eating ramen twice a week, or sewing your own clothes.

I’m talking about saving money on a larger scale, using money hacks to slash your expenses, and thinking outside of the box to redesign the way you spend.

sing a few strategies and without sacrificing much at all, I have saved over $4.1 million dollars over the years. Can you believe that?

4.1 million dollars!

Don’t believe me?

Here are 5 money hacks that have led to millions in additional earnings and savings over the years.

Some of these numbers are estimates, but you'll get the picture as we go along.

Check out the blog post here:

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How to Turn $500 Into $520,367: Investing Strategies I Taught a 16 Year-Old

December 23, 2017

In this video you’ll learn how you can turn $500 into over $500,000. What’s the single best investing advice I have to offer? Easy answer. 

There’s not many things that excite me more (with the exception of In-N-Out Burgers 🍔) than seeing a young investor get started for the first time. The fact that this investor was the ripe age of 16 makes it that much more exciting.

Now you might also be thinking, “I'm not 16 years old, Jeff. I'm about 10 years from retirement.” I feel you. Instead of giving up, there's so much you can do to better your finances.

I encourage you to invest something – what you reasonably can – toward a better future. Who knows, maybe later today you'll meet your future self thanking you for being smart and investing more for the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ What the motivation of a 16 year old can teach us about making money.

▶︎ How I use a database of almost 30,000 different mutual funds that exist to show how easy it is to get started investing by buying mutual funds.

▶︎ How compound interest makes the magic of investing really happen.

▶︎ How the changes in the stock market really don’t impact whether you should or shouldn’t invest.

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7 Keys to Make $100,000+ With Online Courses

December 22, 2017

Honest Truth: I procrastinated for over 5 years before I actually created and launched my first online course.


And the payoff once I finally stopped procrastinating?

I’ve made over 6-figures from offering that course in the first year.


In this video I’m sitting down with CEO and founder, Ankur Nagpal, to hear how Teachable was created and how it has grown to be an amazing online course tool that YOU can be using today.

If this is your first time hearing about… then you’re in for a treat!

With you can create and sell beautiful online courses. Your skills and experiences are unique and valuable - so why not share them?

With this online platform, you can easily build a beautiful course website, share your knowledge, and be rewarded for it. What’s not to love about that?

Catch the 7 ideas you need to do to not only make 6-figures with an online course but 7-figures.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ What is and how is it easy to use?… we’re talking STUPID EASY to use.

▶︎ Idea #1 - What should I create a course about?… that’s a great question, but a better question to consider is: What is the outcome that a user of your course will achieve?

▶︎ Idea #2 - It's all about the money - How much should you charge for your course?

▶︎ Idea #3 - How can you work to achieve your goals?

▶︎ Idea #4 - What unique ideas can you use to grow your email list?

▶︎ You're telling me to offer a free course? I thought this was how to MAKE money? #Protip

▶︎ Idea #5 - What building a sales page is going to do for you. #ChaChing 💰💰💰

▶︎ Idea #6 - Should you create your content first? Or promote your course first? That’s the big question! ❓

▶︎ Idea #7 - So your course is up live… now what?

▶︎ What is the goal of Teachable and how can you take part? Who better than to share than the founder of the online platform.

▶︎ Fear? Is it holding you back?

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Roth IRA Millionaire 💸😎: How to Get Tax-Free Money Explained (2018)

December 22, 2017

Who wants to become a Roth IRA millionaire???? If you hate paying taxes, then this video is for YOU!

What’s better than being a millionaire? Paying a big fat ZERO 🚫 on the taxes of that million dollars. 💰

Reality check: Taxes are not fun ❌❌❌! Does anybody like paying taxes? #Nope So how can you get tax free money?

I’m breaking it all down for you here in this video. Once the Roth IRA is explained to you, you'll be kicking yourself that you haven't started sooner.


Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ What kind of IRA can help you with taxes and actually SAVE you money.

▶︎ Meet your new BFF: Compound Interest.

▶︎ How much money can you put into a Roth IRA each year and avoid the taxes?

▶︎ What you can do if you don’t have a ton of money to get started investing.

▶︎ Where can you go to open a Roth IRA? I’ve got a few suggestions! The Roth IRA is one of if not the BEST investment tool for investors. But so many people don't take advantage of it - which drives me bonkers!! Some quick fun facts about the Roth IRA explained:

▶︎In 2018, you're allowed to put in $5,500 per year. That's $458.33 per month or $15.27 per day.

▶︎The money you put in (your contributions) are able to be withdrawn at any time (because it's after-tax contributions). Because of this, I like to think as the Roth IRA as a savings account on steroids.

▶︎You can put almost anything inside the Roth IRA. This includes individual stocks, ETF's, mutual funds, peer to peer lending.

▶︎You can use it to pay for college or your 1st purchase of a new home without paying taxes or penalty.

Now, do you see why I love the Roth IRA? 😃

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How to Become an Automatic Millionaire 💰 with David Bach

December 22, 2017

So you want to be a millionaire? Then this video is for you! In this video, you’ll get an exclusive interview with financial author, speaker and founder of, David Bach.

✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:

David’s one of those people who you can’t deny his passion has motivated him to find success. And that is a journey we can all learn something from.

What is your big dream that seems far to unattainable to achieve? Whatever the dream is, I’m sure you will find some motivation from hearing how David took the leap of faith and followed his passion to pursue a dream.

✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:

Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ How I first was introduced to David Bach in 2005 while on tour in Iraq. Because when you’re deployed, the only things you do in your free time are workout, play poker and read.

▶︎ How David's childhood really paved the path for his understanding and interest in the financial advising world.

▶︎ Hear what the turning point was for David transitioning from the financial advising segment of his career to chasing his passion.

▶︎ How did the actual transition take place to pursue his dream? Hear what the process looked like with the realities life has… providing for your family, taking care of your wife, moving across the country, etc.

▶︎ How David was able to reach his goal of teaching 1 million people.

▶︎ What byproducts came from chasing his passion that really were not planned, but certainly are a bonus today. (This is the GOOD STUFF!)

▶︎ How when you’re passionate about something, you really never get tired of teaching about it.

▶︎ How taking a year or more sabbatical to rest and reflect is actually a really terrifying decision to make… but the single greatest thing David can recommend to anyone.

▶︎ How you can plan and prepare to take a sabbatical in the coming year.

▶︎ Hear what would be a success over the next three years for David and how he’s setting those goals now.

▶︎ What is the new app Clarity… and how you’re going to want to download it today.

✅Be sure to pick up David's book, The Automatic Millionaire here:

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