GFC TV Ep #015: The Power of The Average 5 and How to Increase Your Personal Net Worth

July 13, 2017

Reality is, you naturally become like the 5 people you spend the most time with. 

Scary huh? What traits and qualities does your spouse, best friend or roommate have? 

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GFC TV Ep 014: Parker’s First Savings Account

February 7, 2017

It's a new tradition in the Rose House - On your 9th Birthday you get... drumroll.... A SAVINGS ACCOUNT! Learn what lessons we're trying to teach our kids about money in this special episode of GFC TV. 

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GFC TV Ep 013: Become a Millionaire

January 25, 2017

How can you become a millionaire? It starts with not digging yourself into a pile of debt and setting some financial goals. Hear my story from 20k of debt to millionaire and what helped me to get there in this episode. 

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GFC TV Ep 012: Is Buying Land a Good Idea?

January 11, 2017

Is buying land a good idea? It's another Ask GFC episode talking about everything from taxes to when's the best time to buy? 


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GFC TV Ep 011: Self-Employed Retirement Options

September 5, 2016

For all the self-employed people out there, I'm with you.  

How can you save, plan for retirement and invest when you don't have the traditional corporate business structure? Here's my best plan of attack for making the best use of every dime. 

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GFC TV Ep 010: Help! I’m a Freelancer and Need Help Investing

August 29, 2016

How can you budget when you freelance so that you actually have cash left over to invest? I'm answering one reader question that I'm sure many the freelancers in the GFC community are looking for. 

How can you do it? Make an inconsistent income and still invest for your future? It's all here. 
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GFC TV Ep 009: This Investor Didn’t Know He Was Paying $5,500 Per Year in Investment Fees

August 22, 2016

Yikes! Do you know what fees you're paying for all your investments? Hidden or not, you should know exactly where every penny is going.  Sure, it cost to receive financial advising services, but are you being lied to about what those cost are?

Here's a roundup of places to look to see what the actual cost is of internal fees and more! 
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GFC TV Ep 008: What Happens When Your Spouse Isn’t On Board With The Finances?

August 15, 2016

What happens when your spouse is flat out not on board with family finances as you think they should be?? 

I'm back with another episode answering reader questions and in today's episode sharing what practical steps you may be able to take to get your spouse on board and participating in financial change. 
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GFC TV Ep 007: How to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt Super Duper Fast

August 8, 2016

Struggling to keep up with the debt?? While there are some perks of using credit cards, many times the debt builds up quickly and it seems impossible to ever get your finances back on track. 

Here's a few practical steps for how you and your spouse can join together and pay off all the debt, together. 
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GFC TV Ep 006: 3 Long Term Care Alternatives You Might Not Know

August 1, 2016

Many of my clients are interested in purchasing long-term care insurance, that is, until they actually get a quote.

I think most baby boomers are concerned about long-term care insurance, and they should be considering the stats; but when they actually get the quote and they see how much it costs to carry long-term care insurance, they realize that it probably won’t fit in their budget.

If you’re like many baby boomers and want long-term care insurance, but don’t want to pay for it out of pocket... then you might be excited to know that there are other alternatives.
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